1. buy penthouse (not the magazine although now you've brought it up why not)
  2. purchase a decent pair of walking shoes
  3. strippers
  4. invest in owl sanctuary's
  5. get myself a subscription for every major bi-weekly
  6. change my name so it has dollar signs in place of s's like ke$ha
  7. incest (when you're rich you can get away with a lot)
  8. rent a tractor for six months -- the view's better
  9. give 10.000 € to charity (the stripper i got pregnant during the first part of this list)
  10. write a cheque for 500.000 € and hand it to a hobo on the street so he thinks it's the best day of his life but leave out one number of your account number so he can't really cash it because you know how to spend 500.000 € better are you kidding me