The Walking Dead is a mediocre show that had some great stuff at the beginning and some decent stuff in the later seasons and inexplicably has one of the biggest viewerships and canvases in all of TV. Let's look at their worst episodes.
  1. "When the Dead Come Knocking" (3.07)
    Were they serious with this one? "Rick and the gang get distracted by some forest hobo?" Yeah. Terrible episode.
  2. "Home" (3.10)
    What happened this episode? A bunch of meaningless bullshit.
  3. "Welcome to the Tombs" (3.16)
    Things almost happened in this episode, and then they fucking didn't.
  4. "Arrow on the Doorpost" (3.13)
    What happened this episode? Fucking nothing, that's what.
  5. "Last Day on Earth" (6.16)
    Something big happened, but we didn't fucking see it. Fuck this show.