I only wanna know what you think these mean if it's good.
  1. I dreamed that I set up a website for some guy, and he turned out to be a crime lord who needed the site to recruit henchmen.
    (He looked like Tom Hardy. ) (I don't know how to set up a website.)
  2. I dreamed that I was in prison, and I got a stomach bug from eating off a dirty lunch tray; it culminated in me giving birth to a baby rabbit.
    (The prison was located in a sewer system.)
  3. I dreamed that I was a babysitter in the zombie apocalypse. The little girl I was watching was eaten by a zombie. Her dad was Zack Morris.
    (Not the actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The character Zack Morris.) (The little girl wore a dress made of bubblewrap.)
  4. I dreamed that I brought a head of lettuce to school, instead of my books. Robert Downey Jr. was there, wearing a sand-colored suit.
  5. I dreamed that I was on a talkshow hosted by Kanye West; but he was wearing a name tag that said 'Jay-Z'.
  6. I dreamed that Ian Hecox was having an affair with Justin Trudeau; I caught them in bed together, spooning.
  7. I dreamed that my ex was asking me to go to prom with him. He wore a black suit with gold accents. When I refused to go with him, he threatened to commit suicide.