Life Lessons Learned

  1. Invest in quality shoes; no savings are worth destroying your feet.
  2. Most guys in bands are dramatic and insecure, and not at all worth your time.
  3. If you get bad service, complain nicely. Don't make a scene, just politely ask for what's right. You get much further that way.
  4. When you travel to a non-English speaking country, the restaurants whose menus are also written in English are the worst ones.
  5. When you read reviews of a product, focus on the 3-star ones; they're usually the most informative.
  6. The cashier doesn't care that you're buying condoms/tampons/toilet paper/a lot of candy. They are counting down the minutes till they're off work.
  7. If you don't wanna go to that party, don't go. You don't owe anyone a night of misery.
  8. Whatever is going on in your life, prioritise getting enough sleep.