My Least Sensible Bucket List Items

My full length bucket list is mostly dull and full if the same clichés as most others'. These, however, are the standouts.
  1. Take a milk bath
    It's so odd and impractical, and it probably doesn't do much. I just wanna get Cleopatra AF.
  2. Win an award.
    Something that comes with a trophy or statuette. Not sensible because I don't even know what I would wanna win it for.
  3. Read 'The Three Musketers' in French.
    That's a lot of book, and until 2 minutes ago I didn't even know the French word for musketeer.
  4. Pay for something with a suitcase full of money.
    I can't think of a non-sketchy reason that this would be a good idea, but the heart wants what the heart wants.