Requested by Jana

My unpopular late night talk show host opinions

Well, since @cvlop61 requested it..
  1. Jimmy Kimmel is a great host now; but sometimes I remember The Man Show, and then I don't like him for a while, again.
  2. Stephen Colbert is one of the best host - nay, the best people! - out there, and he's doing a great job covering politics.
  3. Sometimes I forget Conan O'Brien exist, and I'm not sure if it's his fault or mine.
  4. James Corden seems really nice, but I haven't sat through even one episode of his show; all his boyish charm cannot make me care.
  5. Seth Meyers is wonderful at interviews, and he deserves his show; but sometimes I wish he was still doing Weekend Update on SNL.
  6. Jimmy Fallon is the phoniest person; his fake, exaggerated laughter gets old so fast, and he constantly interrupts his guests mid-sentence to make jokes.