TV Characters I Would Totally Date

I'm not saying there would be a wedding and a mortgage, I'm just saying, you know, go on some dates..
  1. Jake Peralta - Brooklyn Nine Nine
    God help me, there's something about the whole woke bro thing that just gets to me. (Which also explains my weird crush on Matt McGorry.)
  2. Ravi Chakrabarti - iZombie
    He's a tall doctor with fantastic hair and a British accent.
  3. Mad Sweeney - American Gods
    Listen! I'm not saying we get married! I'm just saying, a couple of dates, see what happens..
  4. Kelsey Peters - Younger
    Smart, driven, fiercely loyal, takes no shit, AND she's passionate about books.
  5. Porthos - The Musketeers
    Warning: This fantasy contains more petticoats than most..
  6. Tulip O'Hare - Preacher
    Admittedly, she terrifies me, but her strength and cunning are so attractive; and she is so beautiful.
  7. Tim Gutterson - Justified
    Even as I was typing his name, I realised he'd drive me nuts in no time; but until then, I'm sure the hijinks would be worth it..