What June Looks Like In My Phone

June... it's been a rush in only 6 days
  1. June 1st
    Acoustic session & kind of cool arty stuff
  2. June 2nd
    Me before knowing she was throwing her birthday party (I wasn't invited)... just remembered what is like to be 'ardido'
  3. June 3rd
    Kicked off with all of my fantastic cool stuff... thank god for not sending any of your famous storms
  4. June 4th
    Sunday chill... pretty nice afternoon
  5. June 5th
    Left my bike at the library's stairs... some jackass stole it but no one saw him ... pissed off 'til this morning
  6. June 6th
    Who doesn't love nautical blue skies... god I forgot my hot cocoa.
  7. June 7th
    Just arrived at work... boss gave this lil' beauty to me 😁