Winter is... here?
  1. "Little kids with knives are scary as fuck."
  2. "He should put some alcohol on those forehead cuts."
  3. "Cersei is the Donald Trump of Westeros."
  4. "I think that's basically medieval waterboarding."
  5. "Dany with the epic friendzone."
  6. "Aww... Sam just got his library card."
  7. "I would vote for that little girl over any of our current Presidential candidates."
  8. "I mean, the pie is a nice touch, but when did she have time to bake?"
  9. "If the dragons get tired halfway across the sea, how do they take a nap?"
  10. "Are they all just going to stand at the bow of the ship the entire trip?"
  11. "Wake me up when Season 7 starts."