I spend about 4 hours a day traveling to and from work. Instead of lashing out at other, less considerate commuters; this list is my passive aggressive means of venting.
  1. Phone calls can wait (or at least stay vey short)
    No you should not call creditors and start debating charges just because you've got an hour to kill. Nor should you continue the conversation with your bestie. The captive audience that is on a ferry or bus will collectively hate you. Please reframe from exposing us to the misery that is half a conversation.
  2. Queue the fuck up
    Don't cause pedestrian traffic jams. We all want to get off the bus, train or ferry. You are not special. You're not being clever by hiding in the bathroom just to circumvent the line. Don't play dumb. Regular commuters will start to recognize you, and they may or may not give you flat tires after being cut off.
  3. Respect people's anti-social bubbles
    This is especially true if early or late in the day. Headphones are a clear indicator of "leave me alone". Those without music, laptops, or closed eyes are fair game for conversation.