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  1. Snapchat me that...if its cool.
    My homegirl's bday.
  2. Oreo Churros
    Some recipe i might try, me & the bff were talking about churros one night.
  3. So fresh & so clean, clean
    My favorite soap!! 😙
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A look at my favorite twins ever.
  1. 1. Tia & Tamera Mowry
    They were EVERY-FUCKING-THING AND STILL ARE. Me and my sister wanted to be them! Smart, beautiful, funny and lit. Can we say #SeventeenAgain?
  2. 2. Dylan & Cole Sprouse
    First off..the mf Glo up is too serious! 2nd, Suite Life was life. The shit they got into was crazy. They made living in a hotel seem like the best thing. 3rd. BIG DADDY!! They were so adorable. "I wipe my own ass".
  3. 3. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
    Their movies were always lit! They made being a twin cool af! They always got to travel across the world and pull the cutest dudes!
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  1. Getting my life together...
    Cuz its really not
  2. Getting my license
    Not sure why its taking me so long
  3. Move out
    Soon means like 2 years right?
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hmm let's go back in time, shall we?
  1. My birth.
    It would be cool to experience that.
  2. High School
    I was bullied, so I'd go back and be a savage! 💯🔥🖕
  3. Learning how to walk and ride a bike.
    I think those are "firsts" I'd wanna see and just smile at. 😃
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pros and cons of this twinlife...
  1. So I'm a twin...i didn't choose this life, it chose me.
  2. This life can be a fucking struggle!!
  3. But its also LIT! 🔥
    Allow me to explain
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  1. I really love interviews!! I will watch people just talk all day!!
    "So, tell me about yourself."
  2. I have a twin. Don't ask me dumb "twin" questions.
  3. B'more, chicken boxes and club music raised me. #410
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  1. 1.
    Chevrolet Saturdays
    Such an influential read as a child.
  2. 2.
    LIML by Alex Elle
    I'm an avid poetry fan & she has this simplicity in her work that is POWERFUL. She can say alot in just 2 lines.
  3. 3.
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Jeff wrote Greg Heffley in a extremely relateable way. He cracks me tf up!