Dopest Twins..the list

A look at my favorite twins ever.
  1. 1. Tia & Tamera Mowry
    They were EVERY-FUCKING-THING AND STILL ARE. Me and my sister wanted to be them! Smart, beautiful, funny and lit. Can we say #SeventeenAgain?
  2. 2. Dylan & Cole Sprouse
    First off..the mf Glo up is too serious! 2nd, Suite Life was life. The shit they got into was crazy. They made living in a hotel seem like the best thing. 3rd. BIG DADDY!! They were so adorable. "I wipe my own ass".
  3. 3. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
    Their movies were always lit! They made being a twin cool af! They always got to travel across the world and pull the cutest dudes!
  4. Honorable Mention... Lindsay Lohan.
    Ik, Lindsay is not a twin. But you can't tell me she aint play tf outta this dual role in the Parent Trap! She made me believe Annie & Hallie were real! Any ill spoken of this cinematic art is blasphemous!!
  5. That's all folks!