hmm let's go back in time, shall we?
  1. My birth.
    It would be cool to experience that.
  2. High School
    I was bullied, so I'd go back and be a savage! 💯🔥🖕
  3. Learning how to walk and ride a bike.
    I think those are "firsts" I'd wanna see and just smile at. 😃
  4. My 1st word
    I truly wonder what the first word I ever spoke was. My father says it was "daddy". Be nice to have it on record.
  5. Writing my first poem. 🗒
    It was probably a hot mess. Lol I wanna see how far I've progressed.
  6. Crushes
    Specifically telling this boy named "Boston" that I liked him via text and being a fucking weirdo. Ugh. Also not just telling him sooner. #cringeworthy