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  1. That soft drinks were kept in tanks under the bar, in the same way petrol is stored at a petrol station
    Took till well into early adulthood to realise this wasn't the case
  2. That the 'suck em and see' tag line for an indigestion remedy (tums?) was not in fact a compound called succoman C
This is based on a typical British Christmas dinner, ie turkey with all the trimmings. This is one of my favourite meals ever, and I would eat it year round if custom allowed!
  1. Sausages wrapped in bacon (aka pigs in blankets)
    Two types of pork in one go = these guys really are living the spirit of Christmas
  2. Roast potatoes
    Over the last couple of years I have nailed my roast potato recipe, which is based on a Nigella recipe from Feast. Basically involves par-boiling for 10 mins and then nuking them in goose fat for 45 mins. Lush.
  3. Roast parsnips
    A healthy veg made extremely unhealthy with all the goose fat again...
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I've probably given this more thought than it deserves...
  1. West wing
    A classic for a reason. 7 seasons of a classic show that showed us how to both walk and talk at the same time. CJ was my favourite female role model in my late teens, aided and abetted by the fact that Allison Janney and I share a first name divided only by one letter
  2. Parks and Rec
    I had a hard time deciding between this and the US version of The Office, but I think Parks and Rec wins based solely on the strength of Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. I feel that on a desert island, Ron's sage wisdom would give me strength through rough times.
  3. Peep Show
    Partly for the uncomfortable-ness, partly because I had friends called both Mark and Jeremy at uni. A classic - I'm excited to see how they end the series in a couple of weeks
  4. Honourable mentions
    Friends, 24, Green Wing, Game of Thrones
Seems like a good topic with which to start off my list app adventures
  1. Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss
    A classic Germanic hef, but that's made in Chico CA. Tricky to find in the UK, which makes every one a pleasure. Super cloudy, with banana-y top notes
  2. Brasserie Cantillon Iris
    Classic Belgian lambic, so wild fermented (rather than being fermented by brewers' yeast) and sour. Delicious.
  3. Wicked Weed Imperial Coolcumber
    I've only drunk this once, whilst on holiday in Asheville NC. It was kind of a combo of a gin and tonic, beer and a cucumber caipirinha would taste like combined... much nicer than that description is making it sound
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