This is based on a typical British Christmas dinner, ie turkey with all the trimmings. This is one of my favourite meals ever, and I would eat it year round if custom allowed!
  1. Sausages wrapped in bacon (aka pigs in blankets)
    Two types of pork in one go = these guys really are living the spirit of Christmas
  2. Roast potatoes
    Over the last couple of years I have nailed my roast potato recipe, which is based on a Nigella recipe from Feast. Basically involves par-boiling for 10 mins and then nuking them in goose fat for 45 mins. Lush.
  3. Roast parsnips
    A healthy veg made extremely unhealthy with all the goose fat again...
  4. Turkey
    Kind of dull, but I still love it
  5. Gravy
    The condiment glue that binds the whole meal together
  6. Sprouts
    Traditional and I love them. My digestive system, however, does not
  7. Stuffing
    Never quite as nice as you remember it being