Just a little list about the things haters love to hate the most, along with most common reason people hate them
  1. Kanye West
    Married a Kardashian, refers to himself as Yeezus, Being an ass to Taylor Swift.
  2. The New York Yankees
    Unreasonable fan base, Ruined baseball by taking advantage of no salary cap, Overexposure by media whether they're good or bad.
  3. John Cena
    Too repetitive, buries other talented wrestlers, wrestling isn't real.
  4. Nickelback
    Canadian, Chad Kroeger's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, they have 2 songs...the fast one and the slow one.
  5. Duke
    Spoiled rich kids, Get all the calls from refs, always good.
  6. Donald Trump
    Stupid hair, misogynistic bigot, wants to have sexual relations with his daughter.
  7. Shia LaBeouf
    Plagiarist, attention whore, all those terrible Transformers movies.
  8. New England Patriots
    Been accused/caught cheating multiple times, Bill Belicheck comes across as an ass, Tom Brady is too much of a golden boy.