1. I RARELY ever have nights that I can't fall asleep immediately. I am blessed and can fall asleep in .05 seconds, but on the very rare occasion I can't I get so pissed off.
    I can't believe insomniacs feel this way every night. I feel really bad for you guys :(
  2. I was JUST about to fall asleep and my phone went off.
    Fuck the ONE time I take my phone off DND. I suck.
  3. Never take your phone off DND Taylor!!!!
    DND is a lifestyle that every person should live by. If you don't, try it for a day and you'll never go back. I even go one step further to DND my group messages. Life is more peaceful this way and things are done on my own time.
  4. Also how the fuck do people have push notifications for all forms of social media.
    That would literally drive me insane. All I need notifications for is Twitter. I will check all others when I feel like it.
  5. Why have my neighbors dogs been barking for over an hour?
    I've heard them bark one time since I moved here almost 9 months ago. Is everything okay over there? I don't hear people? Are my neighbors okay? I just banged on the wall and barking has stopped. Did my neighbors just not give a fuck their dogs were barking? That's not very like them. I'm confused, nervous and annoyed!!!
  6. Wow tomorrow is gonna suck
    Do I even attempt to go to the gym before work? Should I just take tomorrow off and sleep all day? (I can't function with less than 7 hours of sleep) How much coffee will I need to make it thru work if I go? I will probably go to work
  7. How did I survive college not sleeping?
    I slept like 3 hours a night for four years straight. How the fuck did I do this. I'm sorry body :(