Things That Are a Thing That Shouldn't Be a Thing

  1. Pepsi
    If you choose Pepsi over Coke you are not a person I trust.
  2. "All day breakfast" at McDonalds but NO MCGRIDDLES
  3. Juice cleanses
    Don't understand. This can't actually be healthy.
  4. Now that's what I call music!
    I bet these still exist. I don't put this past humanity to ban them yet
  5. Decaf coffee
    Does this only exist for old people?? I've never met anyone other than my 86 year old grandmother who prefers decaf.
  6. All these super hero movie remakes
    Why did no one just have the bright idea to make it really great the first time and then you wouldn't have to redo it in the future???? Am I on to something?!? Will I be the next big movie director?!?!
  7. Donald Trump
    I classify DT as a "thing" not a "human"
    Suggested by   @minabird
  8. One Direction
    I have never been so uninterested in anything that ever existed
    Suggested by   @paigeparker
  9. Kidz Bop
    See Now that's what I call music! (But worse because it's child karaoke)
    Suggested by   @Amkw349