1. People who post multiple instagrams in a row
    I can guarantee no one gives a fuck about your multiple pictures (unless it's a selfie with beyonce then we might care)
  2. Restaurants that serve Pepsi and not Coke
    It's 2015. Why is Pepsi still a thing ..
  3. People who think it is acceptable to ride their bikes on the sidewalk
  4. Ordering a pepperoni pizza and only getting like 3 pepperonis
    This is really more of a disappointment, but you get the picture.
  5. Stores that claim they are HAVING THE BEST SALE EVER when in reality it really sucks
    Like gtfo
  6. When I forget to ask for chipotle salad dressing
    If you haven't tried this shit. Do it and thank me later.
  7. Umbrellas
    Suggested by @angelinacho