Finally a good day.
  1. Looked hella cute.
    Shoutout to that new half-priced mustard peacoat of my dreams. Honorable mention to my sponge curled hair.
  2. Caught up on journals.
  3. Leftover calzone from Mellow Mushroom for lunch.
    Straight up the very best calzone I've ever digested.
  4. Finished my resume.
  5. Attained my transcripts.
  6. Wrote out my deposit.
    Cash money woman.
  7. Worked on my essays.
  8. No homework.
    This sounds like big news, but actually senior year is sort of a joke. This is pretty typical.
  9. Grouplove.
    The band. Going through a big phase.
  10. Good mood. Heck yeah.
  11. I took a nap.
    A NAP!