Inspired by @TruEssence
  1. Colorado
    I got to spend an amazing week with a group to Third Culture Kids. We had so much in common and became fast friends so quickly. We capped it off with an all-nighter (my first) which ended outside watching a beautiful sunrise. My first time flying alone.
  2. Connecticut
    Visited some old friends who had moved (and now to England). They lived in a beautiful house and it was just a very relaxing vacation.
  3. Delaware
    We just drive through, but I remember Crossing the huge bridge into the state. It was impressive.
  4. Georgia
    On our way down to Florida once we stopped to visit some family friends. We showed up at their house before we did so my sister had to crawl in trough the doggy door to let us in the house.
  5. Florida
    We took a winter vacation at a friends house, but also spent some time at a beach hotel. This was while I was reading the count of monte cristo an id look up from my book to see dolphins swimming past outside the window.
  6. Illinois
    We took the train to the Midwest one time rather than flying and stopped at Chicago. I remember looking up at the Sears tower as we approached the city.
  7. Indiana
    If we took the train to Illinois we must have gone through Indiana. There was a really nice Amish family we neon the train. My mom became pen pals with their mother.
  8. Iowa
    I went to check out the college both my parents graduated from. On the way back we stopped at a corn maze. I think I was minorly disappointed, probably by how hard it was to get actually lost in it.
  9. Maryland
    We stayed at the house of my mom's college friend. They had a beautiful property with rolling meadows surrounded by woods and an idyllic brook. Just running around and enjoying it was enough to be happy.
  10. Massachusetts
    I attended Harvard Model UN in Boston, and was part of a historical crisis committee: King Charles I's privy council. Lots of juicy politicking and betrayal went on as we fought the war against parliament.
  11. Minnesota
    Most of my dad's family lives in Minnesota, so there's a lot to choose from, but I still have memories of the farmhouse before my grandparents moved into town, of riding in a tractor with my grandfather telling me not to "horse around," and my uncle letting me drive the cultivator (it felt like a lot of responsibility).
  12. New Jersey
    I've been to New Jersey multiple times.
  13. New York
    My home state. My oldest memory is my third birthday. I invited over Rory, Ian, and Kenny, and I ha a donut shaped cake with chocolate icing. I used to think I remembered the ice storm of '98, but that is only because I saw a photo of myself looking out the window at the devastation.
  14. North Carolina
    I remember visiting my uncle as a very young child and playing with my cousin's batman action figures—I think my first real superhero exposure.
  15. Pennsylvania
    There's a photo of me as a one month old in front of the liberty bell on our trip from Utah to New York. I went back later with my dad to see it for myself, and got to see a bit of Philadelphia and try my first cheesesteak. I go to college here now.
  16. Rhode Island
    We went to the beach here with those friends from Connecticut. It was beautiful, but too rocky and cold to swim.
  17. South Dakota
    A branch of my dad's family moved a bit west of Minnesota. I remember my dad's brother-in-law showing us a room full of nothing but guns and ammo "for when the government wasn't doing its job any more". I trust my uncle but still... ?? I slept on the couch and read peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes far too late into the night.
  18. Utah
    I was born here, which explains my conflicted feelings about seagulls as a child. My patriotism refused to allow my soul to hate them as the devil's spawn they are. We left the state when I was a month old. We came back later to visit one of my parents' friends. I had to sleep in the basement alone and wanted my mom and he yelled down at me to be quiet. It was cruel. You remember those kind of things.
  19. Vermont
    Our violin shop was just across the lake in Burlington. Visiting it was always an adventure full of fun, art and beauty. The best times were when you could come home with a new instrument to love.
  20. Virginia
    I went to a journalism camp in Virginia once. It was lots of fun, but I don't want to be a journalist. The best parts were the games we played the most intense game of spoons ever. The second to last round everyone was yelling and screaming, but for the final no one spoke a word and the tension was palpable... until the I stand they threw down their cards. The first two dash around searching wildly, while the third one nation up slowly to find a counselor holding the spoon in front of his face.
  21. Washington, D. C.
    I'd visited once or twice already when my Canadian uncle took my with my cousin. I'm not super familiar to D.C., but as the American of the group, I became their our guide and confidently pretended I knew everything. I got to see the mall and the smithsonians again, the National Gallery of Art, and the library of congress. It was great.
  22. If you've been paying attention to my family's trips, I must have gone through Ohio and South Carolina at some point. What can I say? I was a small child in S. C., and to busy enjoying a train ride through Ohio. I'm sure they're both lovely states.