My last week of classes at the Sorbonne starts tomorrow and this makes me very sad. Here's a sort of recap.
  1. ~20%: of the Louvre visited (my estimate)
    I've been there 5 times (and counting) the Louvre is imMENSE
  2. 3: new favorite French TV shows
    Le Quotidien, Profilage, and Fait Pas Ci, Fait Pas Ca
  3. 19/20: Arrondissements visited
    I really, really like that this gives you an *actual grade* on how much of Paris you've seen. (The 17e is the one I haven't been to yet, although I've barely seen the 12e.)
  4. 4: manifestations attended
    I gotta pump those numbers up, I know. Those are rookie numbers, I know.
  5. 3: elections survived
    I waited a week to post this just because it made no sense to talk about "surviving" elections with Le Pen still in the running.
  6. 2: dog poops stepped in
    This was a 0 until a week ago and it this was so legitimately impressive it was the inspiration for this list.