All personally tested by yours truly
  1. Static
    0/10. Left me on the floor when I tried to sit in it. I hate it and everything it stands for.
  2. Static
    Another equally terrible chair, sans the personal feud.
  3. Static
    My supervisor clearly isn't intelligent enough to avoid a lousy chair when he sees it.
  4. Static
    He's also chosen to rest his feet on an uncomfortable wooden armrest?
  5. Static
    These are like those chairs in waiting rooms. Uncomfortable and unaccommodating, 3.5/10. At least they're arranged so you can put your feet up.
  6. Static
    More waiting room-style with nap-impeding armrests. Blegh.
  7. Static
    Mike hates human beings and sits in the far corner. Don't be like Mike. At least he chose a decently comfortable spot.
  8. Static
    Joe and Adam both chose the most comfortable couches. They look fancy, too.
  9. Static
    Neither of them have fallen asleep yet though? whaaaat
  10. Static
    Despite the weeeeak rolling and spinning skills this chair has inherited, it has won my affection because I pressed it into service as a footstool.
  11. Static
    Those beautiful upholstered chair deserves to be more than Adam's footrest.
  12. Static
    Another great chair. Look at the curves on it! Nice and plush, great for resting. 9.5/10. Kate has chosen well. Learn from Kate.
  13. Static
    My throne. NO ONE sits on my throne.