This is the book we're talking. We're gonna be here all day, folks
  1. Ok, so I read HP and the goblet of fire on Sunday. (I'd never read any of the last four books before.) I've got today off, so it's time to hit the next one
    This book's almost 900 pages and I only have 98 list items left here... I'm going to have to pace myself
  2. Ok this time Harry's just being a jerk to Dudley. Dudley didn't do anything
  3. I *knew* Figg was a witch!
    Squib, then. Fine.
  4. Ok, if Tonks is a metamorphmagus, guaranteed plot twist later on that someone else is too
  5. Mrs. Weasly is in the order of the Phoenix? I know I sound like Draco, but it can't be very exclusive then, can it?
  6. No! Harry! They're your friends! Be happy to see them!
  7. Why is it up to the ministry whether Harry can go to Hogwarts?
  8. I wish we called RA's prefects...
  9. Was Luna Lovegood homeschooled before coming to Hogwarts?
    She's so delightfully awkward... I think I'm in love
  10. I swear Umbridge taught my macroeconomics class
  11. Ok look, I really like Cho, Harry, but you just got her boyfriend killed... I think it's too soon.
  12. Honestly the ministry of magic gets more and more like miniluv every day
  13. Ah, a "study group". Right.
  14. Wait, you're telling me this is his fifth year and Ron has NEVER tried to get into the girls' dorm before?
    Foreshadowing, perhaps?
  15. Yes! Throw some punches, Harry!
  16. Hagrid and Olympe: the Harry Potter series' one true pairing
    How am I such a nerd
  17. So now that he's forced to, Harry goes to see dumbledore. Seriously, Harry, you should have done this earlier? Literally every book so far he's the one that solves all your problems.
  18. Harry and the Weasleys are off in London but in the meantime, do you hear Hermione complaining?
  19. Ahhh Neville putting the wrapper in his pocket 💔💔💔
    My heart is broken, Nevillllle
  20. Snape is throwing shaaaaade
  21. Whatever is in this package Sirius just gave Harry, *somebody's*gonna use it to summon Sirius just when Harry needs him
  22. Harry is so THICK
  23. Mostly what I want to see happen in this book is Rita Skeeter wind up in a jar again
  25. Listen to Firenze, Hagrid
  26. Fortescue: a headmaster with SASS
  27. BREAKING: George admits that he and Fred "may have put a toe across the line occasionally"
  28. Kreacher is up to no good, guaranteed
  29. Fred and George, OUT
    *mic drop*
  30. Ah yes, about five chapters from the end of any Harry Potter book, where things actually start to *happen*
  31. Ok at those point there's maybe too much suspense to keep listing at the same time
  32. Ah yes, in classic form, the fighting wraps up two chapters from the edge so we can have a nice resolution
  33. Wait, something is actually Dumbledore's fault? That's not how any of this is supposed to work
  34. Ok seriously though I feel like the odds that Neville Longbottom is *actually* the one to defeat Voldemor are honestly pretty high right now
    *finishes reading the page* ok so maybe not but still: to call JK Rowling's foreshadowing "heavy-handed" is putting it nicely
  35. [In other news, the Harry Potter fandom can be pUshy]
  36. I feel like there'll be a plot thread JK will conveniently forget to wrap up, and I feel like it will be Cho
  37. Also, knowing why going through that veil kills you would be nice
  38. Ok so I was wrong about the Cho plotline
  39. Well it's over!
  40. And I think Harry was actually feeling kind of sad at the end still?
    That's not a question. He was.
  41. And this was really a cliffhanger if you think about it, but it didn't feel TOO suspenseful at the end
    So that's nice
  42. Book six this weekend perhaps?