Who shall remain nameless
  1. "What?"
    They had just whispered a frantic "Oh shoot!"
  2. "Is your leg better?"
    They had accidentally injured themselves earlier.
  3. "So this morning..."
    It was a minor fiasco and I wanted to share the story.
  4. "Are you on the list app?"
    I had my suspicions.
  5. "Watcha readin'?"
    It was poetry and it looked good.
  6. "Look!"
    I glanced up and saw a facsimile of Shakespeare's first folio. I almost shouted. (I recently had a nightmare finding anything by the bard in a bookstore.)
  7. "This explains those awkward emails!"
    We had a small discussion about the correct form of greeting and level of formality in an email. They seemed to struggle with finding a certain level of confidence. I've definitely been there too though.
  8. "Hey I'm a junior!"
    It's always great to find you have more credits than you thought.
    A mutual friend was being reasonably reckless and I somehow thought a reference to my mother's hate for tipping chairs would be funny... I don't know why this is here.
  10. "Oh no, I'm Canadian!"
    I am actually a dual citizen, but I realized for the first time exactly how much I fit the stereotype.
  11. "Stop looking at me!"
    I tried desperately to avoid distracting my study buddy, but they took no pains with me at all.
  12. "I watched this amazing video about gender violence this morning..."
    They would have loved it. But it was not the time.
  13. "Snap chat is so stupid."
    "And you look silly when you use it, and you should be studying."
  14. "Don't judge!"
    I practically had to crawl under the desk to fix a power cord and definitely got that look."
  15. "Isn't it great when you get goosebumps listening to a song?"
    It's like a physical validation/confirmation of your reaction.
  16. "What!?"
    Seriously stop looking at me like that.
  17. Lots of other stuff