1. Playlist to play when walking away from an explosion
  2. A good old classic fuck you playlist
  3. Songs for the climax of a movie
  4. 8 songs about fucking up
  5. What are the saddest songs in the world?
  6. This; happiness
  7. Start your summer 2016 playlist
  8. Songs you never skip
  9. Taylor Swift Dance Around Your Room With a Hairbrush in Your Pajamas
  10. Make a playlist of songs you want to belt out loud out a car window
  11. Songs for the apocalypse
  12. Pick a place you love and make a mix for that
  13. Pick a place you hate and make a mix for that
  14. A playlist based on your favorite word
    I don't know what it is and I don't care try to describe it using music
  15. 10/10 jams
  16. "If I Could Sing, I Would Slay These Songs"
  17. "I Can Sing and These are the Songs I Slay"
  18. Songs that have weird memories attached to them
  19. The classic road trip mix
  20. Songs you love but completely ignore when they play
  21. Songs about strength and confidence