Every year, the seniors dress up on four different days and I'm pretty disappointed in the choices I made this year. This is my pissed list
  1. Ghostbusters
    Character day? Career day? Don't care! My friends and I should have dressed up, carried speakers, and disrupted classes by playing the Ghostbusters theme music all day
  2. The 70's
    And I do not mean the 1970's. I'm straight up talking about colonial America, 1770's. Would I have looked cute? No. Would I have been comfortable? Debatable. But people around school would remember those badasses who wore petticoats to math class
  3. Female pop stars
    This would have been so damn adorable ok: Stevie nicks, Debbie Harry, posh spice, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. We would have slayed decades day
  4. Real Housewives
    Other people did trophy wives but they lacked the senseless and hilarious arguing over nothing which would have made everything 10x funnier
  5. The Devil Wears Prada
    Probably wouldn't have done this anyway. I just wanted to dress up like Meryl Streep and say, "Groundbreaking." to everything. That's the dream
  6. Shrek
    100% would have been a better Lord Farquaad than a Mr. Krabs. I am 5'1" and angry and I would have won some award for my work.