Ft. Misfortunate
  1. I feel an affair coming on in this show... Affair Hoe!!
  2. Drinking detox tea to counteract my other breakfast choices of pain au chocolate Pringles and Oreos.
  3. All the red flags: 🚩🇦🇱🇧🇭🇨🇳🇮🇲🇰🇬🇲🇦🇲🇪🇳🇴🇭🇰🇼🇸🇨🇭🇹🇼🇹🇴🇹🇱🇹🇹🇹🇳🇹🇷🇻🇳🇼🇫
  4. I support what Yeltsin was trying to do, but he was also lowkey crazy.
  5. "Kim and Kanye should adopt me"