1. Sitting on your balls
    Pretty straightforward
  2. Having to look up at everyone
    I suppose it's better than being in a crotch forest, where you are at the right angle to see everyone's crotches. Just keep on Staring straight up and you're good.
  3. Having to urinate sitting
    As gravity has it...urine has a tendency to flow downwards and in a seated position things go straight forward . It's not a bad situation to be in when you have an enemy present and your weapon of choice is a golden shower.
  4. Preferential treatment
    You really want to be nice but really what you're saying is it must really be bad for me to be me. Here have some free shit and skip the line
  5. The staring
    I have heard what they about stage fright, just picture everyone naked...but with all the staring I'd swear that I was the one naked.
  6. Being responsible for other people's hearing loss
    Simply put, people lose their focus when it's corrupted by a wheelchair. Seeing a wheelchair seems to take over their life starting with their hearing so it becomes impossible to relay any information to them from the wheelchair that they perceive.
  7. Being talked to in the second or third person
    Maybe when I don't shave my unibrow I look like a primordial caveman? I am fully able to communicate , that is if you are not attempting to communicate with the wheelchair itself.
  8. Cobblestone.
    When I am not improvising on the way for reaching an orgasm, Cobblestone makes me livid. Rolling on that stuff with limited shock absorption is the equivalent of walking on hot coals. Not to have the secondary option for potential fetishes I am not seeking in this case damn it.
  9. The question what's wrong with you?
    This would piss off anyone. I don't see why anyone would ask such a question with the equivalent composition of a sentence. I can understand curiosity but there are better ways to go about fulfilling an investigation if it is to truly benefit somebody. But then again given all the unanswered questions of the universe why should that be on top of their list?
  10. Farting
    Let me be the first to tell you that when you let out a fart and you're sitting in a wheelchair it is the equivalent of, well let's just say anything dangerous because I don't have a strong knowledge about dangerous things.