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  1. Desmond Dekker- Israelites
    One of the first Reggae songs I ever heard, still sounds just as great.
  2. Johnny Cash- Im On Fire
    Because Springsteen and Cash.
  3. Xavier Rudd- Come Let Go
    This guy plays like 5 instruments at once including the Didjeridu and its awesome.
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  1. Try Meditation to help Anxiety
  2. Try Hypnosis to help Anxiety
  3. Try Medicine to help Anxiety
  4. Quit thinking about Anxiety
  1. Have a bond with the School Librarian
  2. Get the intel of when the new Harry Potter book is dropping
  3. Arrange it so you get to be the first kid to check it out
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  1. Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive
  2. Journey - Wheel In The Sky
    I can hit those notes, just not well 😏
  3. Sam Cooke- A Change Is Gonna Come
    Ok, Nobody can sing like Sam.
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  1. The Flasher
  2. Aqua Fan
  1. You have 3 weather apps.
  1. Putting your book bag on backwards screams "I HAVE A BONER"
  2. The day after you graduate, shit gets real. Pay attention.
  3. Get off your computer and go to that party! Experience real life, its so short to be in your basement playing runescape.
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