I watch tv a lot
  1. You're the Worst [A-]
    Rom-com tv shows are the best. I need a Chris Geere in my life.
  2. The Real O'Neals [B]
    Rooting for Kenny!!! Because I feel like Kenny most of the time!!!
  3. Breaking Bad [A-]
    I've saved up these episodes because I really don't want the show to be over. I'm on the last season of the show and I started watching it around 2013
  4. The Path [B+]
    Let's talk about this show!!! It's dark, man. Tackles faith, cult, humanity in general. Well-written and great performances from Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy
  5. Pokemon: Indigo Series [A]
    I grew up thinking anime's weird. So now I'm catching up to the childhood classic animes. Pikachu is killing me.
  6. Scream Queens [B-]
    Just the pilot. Love its postmodernism shit.
  7. The Amazing Race [A+]
    Team Tyler and Korey!!! Best show on earth!!! I cry to every episode oh my god!!!
  8. The Mindy Project [B+]
    I have watched every episode more than once. Queen Mindy!!!!
  9. Game of Thrones [B+]
    I'm ready for more Ramsay!!! And Greyjoy backstories!!!
  10. Veep [B]
    Tried catching up. Season 3. Then my grandmother cancels our HBO subscription. So :-( (might subscribe the HBO Now)