Recent studies have shown that this is a highly limiting question which is likely the cause for our failure to solve the case. Certainly more things than chickens or eggs can be first. Usain Bolt is often first. As is Michael Phelps, and probably a third Olympian. One item in this io things which are suspected to have come first will also be first.
  1. Chicken
  2. Egg
  3. Some sort of chickened-egg (or egged chicken, who could ever know)
  4. Avatar, in box office returns
  5. Sam Worthington, in "where are they now" lists
  6. Trump, according to "the Poles", which is another terrible racial slur he throws around insensitively
  7. (Very often) Penelope Pitstop in Whacky Races
  8. Most men during intercourse (yuk yuk yuk)
  9. Seabiscuit
  10. Han's Shot