Requested by @veshecco
Some of these are things I have learned about myself. The first four are outlined in the list I wrote just after The Election: Learning from
  1. It's not necessary to make some kind of fixing comments for everyone's problems.
  2. I need to quell some of my contrarian tendencies.
  3. Everyone here appears to be nicer than I am.
    You guys are a good influence.
  4. I enjoy writing.
    I knew this in high school and college. I have fallen out of the habit to say the least. 🐈A Cat Story
  5. It's possible to be vulnerable with complete and relative strangers.
  6. Current slang phrases and words.
    Just because I know some doesn't mean it's a good idea to use them. "On the regular" sounds weird coming out of my mouth. Don't @ me.
  7. yep, Hamilton
    That Mixtape!
  8. is better with drafts.
    Getting rid of relists was nothing. Why do the developers hate us?
  9. LRs are fun. Thanks @veshecco!
    I'm sorry, @gd3 I just did not have a purple crayon adventure in me.
  10. A little word or emoji can go a long way toward making someone feel encouraged, or appreciated, or heard…