Wandering down memory lane in honor of my 25th list.
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    Some of you probably reached 25 lists in your first week. For me, being plagued with self-doubt, 25 is an achievement of sorts. I reread everything an obsessive number of times before I hit publish.
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    One year out of PT school, working acute care in Charlotte NC
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    Saving šŸ’µ āœ‹šŸ¼overšŸ‘ŠšŸ¼ as a single lady.
    Planning to travel. Europe first!
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    Enjoying my first apt with no roomie.
    The risks of a roommate outweigh the benefits if you can pay the bills.
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    Digging that new single by the B-52s, Love Shack
    Knock a little louder sugar!
  7. ā€¢
    Wondering how much longer Steve, my 1979 Datsun 210 will last.
    I have loved hatchbacks ever since. You can just keep pouring things into those babies. The storage never ends. OK, maybe the minivan is a little bit bigger.
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    Marveling at the fall of the Berlin wall.
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    Wondering if I should have a phone jack installed in the bedroom.
  10. ā€¢
    Contemplating these versatile jersey pieces!
  11. ā€¢
    I wonder which one my man would like?