Plus one from the last 10 years
  1. Flatsy dolls!
    I hid my chicken pox scabs in the flatsy townhouse.
  2. Worms
    My brother and I made a worm hospital with dirt beds. We put some "injured" worms in there. (maybe from digging them up?) When we came back out after grilled cheese and tomato soup they were gone.
  3. Footsie
    Ahead of it's time in the fight against gender restrictions on toys.
  4. Clackers!
    CLACK CLACK CLACK! I really hate noise, so idk why I liked these but they do come in pretty colors.
  5. Spirograph
    I would still play with this. I should go get one. brb
  6. Bucky balls
    Guaranteed to perforate your intestines if you swallow 2 or more, but otherwise hours of tactile, artistic, magnetic fun!