I'd love to be _______ for a day.

  1. Jeannie! I'd fold my arms and wish up all kinds of fun.
  2. A toddler! I know being a toddler can be stressful what with all the meltdowns and the struggling to be understood, but I'd love to feel the rubberiness of being in a toddler body for a day.
    Plus, naps.
  3. Whoa! Getting ready to launch. I don't think a day will be enough.
  4. While am this travel writer I will make connections for my real self and then start my travel writing career.
  5. ANNIE LENNOX. While I am Annie I will listen to myself sing most of the day. Plus I will have my agent book me a show in a lovely outdoor upstate NY venue where my actual self lives.
    I will mail tickets to said self.