Live in NYC!

  1. 86th fl ESB
  2. Selfie challenged on the 102nd floor
  3. 30 Rock
  4. Market Crate Lunch. Please move this restaurant into my kitchen.
  5. Prom dress shopping at Macy's
    With my girlfriend's daughter.
  6. Scott Eastwood
    On camera at the time. I got eye contact, waved.
  7. This weekend is
    All about makeup 4 2 teenage girls
  8. Art Dean and Deluca style
  9. And good morning! A beautiful and promising day.
  10. Tourist look du jour.
  11. Central Park Zoo
  12. Plaza Hotel ceiling
  13. At Last
  14. Serendipity 3
    Killer sundaes
  15. Mass @ St Patrick's.
  16. St Paul's Chapel
  17. no words