🎬Most Formative Movies of My Childhood

Inspired by @sadiewills
  1. Wizard of oz
    I had just gotten my tonsils out. My mother didn't want me to watch it because she knew I would cry. I cried because she wouldn't let me watch it, so she ended up letting me watch it. Those flying monkeys…
  2. Blazing saddles
    My first experience of going to a drive-in and not watching the movie. (My last also) I had to watch it "again".
  3. Star Wars
    The first one. It was just called Star Wars then. I was 12 and my sister had just gotten her driver's license, and she took me there for my birthday. I felt like a big person.
  4. That's it
    We went to the movies about as often as we ate in restaurants or stayed in hotels, which was practically never. The only time we ever stayed in a hotel was when the pop-up camper flew open at 70 miles an hour on the highway. But that is a story for another li.st