Requested by @veshecco
Thanks @veshecco
  1. Annie Lennox
    For the voice, the spunk, and the heart. And this:
  2. Led Zeppelin
    For Page, and Plant, and rock and roll!
  3. David Wilcox
    For heartfelt honesty. I've seen him live a half a dozen times, always great and aging along with me.
  4. Aretha Franklin
    Pipes and Soul!
  5. Talking Heads
    Innovation. Sense of humor. Shared birthday with David Byrne.
  6. Florence and the Machine
    Again with the STRONG female vocal. Sensing a trend.
  7. Bonnie Raitt
    "I would keep you here if I were able To lock you safe behind this open door"
  8. Hugh Masakela
    Horns and rhythm. South African musician I've seen live thrice after stumbling upon at a music festival in Charlotte NC.
  9. Bobby McFerrin
    Also seen several times. Vocal talent. He is full of joy, and made of music.
  10. This took a half hour or so, so more will come to me but posting now.
    Of course Neil Young and Paul Simon! And Mozart, Bach.