British neurologist, author, professor of medicine at NYU. 1933-2015
  1. Get to know him if you don't already.
    Start with his most popular book.
  2. Insightful and compassionate documenter of fascinating neurologic phenomenon.
    Cases from all over the world were referred to him.
  3. Author of 14 (?) books
    Most notably awakenings, which was made into a film with Robin Williams and Robert Deniro.
  4. The periodic table was his first love.
    Friends gave him samples of elements corresponding to his age. He was given a vial of mercury for his 80th birthday and was delighted.
  5. He wrote this book about it.
  6. He had prosopagnosia (face blindness) and described it in this piece for the New Yorker.
  7. As a child he became interested in stereoscopes, collecting images he could view through a stereoscope. He found binocular vision fascinating.
    Later in life through melanoma he lost the vision in one eye and described the effect that had on his function and perception.
  8. This is just the tip of the Sacks iceberg.
    What a fascinating and amazing man.