Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. 2: SHADOW
    Another item has been added to the Miscellany recently cleared from a dusty shelf in my kitchen. This one was a gift from a patient who has since passed away.
  2. 3: Bent
    Having a little sugar today.
  3. 4) Heights?
    This is not a museum, or a trophy room. It is a pizza shop up the street from me.🤢
  4. 6) Drip
  5. 7) on the wall. I put this cat poster between the mattresses in my college dorm because the saran was shrinking up and it was bending.
    When I returned to campus in the fall I went back to that room, which wasn't mine anymore, and retrieved my nicely flattened cat poster. I was very glad to see her again. Now she has a proper frame.
  6. 8) Hands
    Oh the hands of time...
  7. 9) favorite color
    I love the whole rainbow, but every color looks better in sunshine.
  8. 10) Beautiful
    Done with work and the laptop is closed. I am going out of town. I will not open it again until Tuesday morning! THAT is a beautiful thing!
  9. 11) on the road
    3:31 AM. Heading to airport. Who even came up with this time of day? Fit only for sleeping.
  10. 19) Painted
    Raising artists. Or vandals. Or something.
  11. 20) outside
  12. 21) Hard Work
    Who am I kidding? I've got nothing for this category. My life is cake.