By "lived" I mean spent 3+ months in the same residence that is actually mine
  1. Industry, PA
    Not quite as bad as it sounds. First 6 years, lots of woods behind the house to play in.
  2. Beaver, PA
    Hometown, 12 years
  3. Mt. Lebanon, PA. When my parents divorced and I moved with my mother to Mount Lebanon for one year. Back to Beaver for my senior year in high school.
    This is the home of my maternal great grandmother in Mount Lebanon. Now it's a Unitarian church.
  4. North Litchfield,SC
    Not tropical, but paradise
  5. Columbia, SC
  6. Charleston, SC
    More college. I lived in an apartment that was part of an historic home. It was beautiful there.
  7. Charlotte, NC
    First post degree job. First apt alone. 2.5 yrs
  8. Denver CO
    Started traveling as a PT. Non-beach paradise. 6 months! Hiking, skiing, sightseeing. Lots of sunshine. I ❤️ the Rockies.
  9. Research Triangle Park, NC
    A romantic name and equally romantic locale. 3 mos was plenty.
  10. Martinez, CA
    I drove all way across the country to the appointed address which turned out to be a roach and rat motel. Once I selected a choice of three apartments for the agency to lease for me things got much better. Where I met my husband. 5 mos, then on to
  11. Emeryville, CA
    Just on the Oakland side of the bay bridge. Another three months. Those were some awesome times.
  12. Sewickley PA
    Close to the hometown, for my sister's wedding.
  13. Jaffrey, NH
    4 mos. Beautiful, but talk about the middle of nowhere. I had to drive over a mountain pass to Nashua and I was snowed in every Thursday. My husband and I went on a date to a new Walmart in town. I did do a lot of cross country skiing though.
  14. Boston MA
    My traveling company placed me in apartments called Back Bay Manor at Longwood. It actually overlooked public housing and was nowhere near the Back Bay.
  15. North Andover, MA
    All done traveling, settled down in an apartment with my man. This is where we experienced 🐈A Cat Story
  16. Beverly, MA
    My husband and I seriously bought a house here without realizing that it was two blocks from the ocean and this park. Fantastic.
  17. Canandaigua, NY
    Yep. It's nice here. It must be, because I've been here for almost 15 years.