1. Quickly discerning left from right
    If i point left I'm saying turn right. More than 50% of the time. This becomes an issue when teaching kids to drive.
  2. Coming up with a dinner plan 365 days a year
    OK, 150 days a year is pretty challenging.
  3. Ripping off the Band-Aid
    Sometimes it is just too hard to say the things that need to be said when they need to be said.
  4. Going to the post office
    I got you a bday card, but it is not in the mail.
  5. Hosting dinners/parties
    Anxiety inducing. I am guaranteed to get a facial tic 14 to 3 days before the event depending on its size.
  6. Debate
    I hate to argue. I am too emotional. I cannot stay rational.
  7. Ending a list
    I say something about procrastinating, because that's what I seem to be doing. But listing is a valuable activity!