Things I could start doing that would make my life more fulfilling:

I need to say yes to more stuff in life right now. Not stuff stuff, stuff to do stuff.
  1. Get to know my camera better, take more pictures. Take my camera with me on walks with the dogs.
    I took that.
  2. Do more yoga
  3. Plan a vacation with my sister
    She lives on the other side of the country and this is the only way I generally see her. I will get to spend two weeks with her in July though.
  4. Doing this:
    I love throwing pots. I did it in high school, then I took a class for a while when I lived in Charlotte. It's just a ton of fun. And I love rakú glazing.
  5. Learn more Spanish.
    I tried to slow news podcast. It was too fast. For a while I was learning Spanish on a podcast from a guy with a Scottish accent. That was interesting.