Inspired by @sarahsolene
  1. The author with her dad c.1971.
  2. Magnets
    My father is a metallurgist. He loves magnets and all kinds of metal. He is a science and engineering geek.
  3. Woods/trees
    When I think of him hiking there is a tree book in his hand, and binoculars are around his neck.
  4. The ocean
    He moved to the beach when I was 18. My younger 2 above.
  5. South Carolina
    Because of the above relocation, I went to college in the south. I love the Lowcountry. I adore the scents (pine + marsh + humidity), the food, the pace, I miss it. Pic is my oldest in Georgetown, SC
  6. Making chili
    It starts with two tablespoons of bacon grease.
  7. Live music
    Once he retired he went out to hear live music three or four nights a week in the summer. There are lots of bands around where he lives. No more nighttime driving for him now though.
  8. Coffee on the porch
    The porch is surrounded by pines and there are plenty of mockingbirds and cedar waxwings, lizards and spiders.
  9. Learning.
    My father is always learning. He is curious about everything. He would bring home dry ice or mercury (😱) from work for fun. When I was bored once as a child my father tasked me with memorizing the Hebrew alphabet.
  10. Vision
    My dad is losing his vision to macular degeneration. He has read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover daily since I was a child. Now he painstakingly scans the left side bar with a magnifying glass and imports articles online into a text to speech reader. He is determined and resourceful.
  11. Frugality
    I am nowhere near dad frugality but I do appreciate things that work. I would much rather fix what I have than buy a new one, a fading mentality in our current culture.
  12. Resourcefulness
    I enjoy using the things at hand to solve a problem, MacGyver style. When my dad had trouble carrying armloads of groceries up the stairs, because his house is on stilts, he made a grocery hoist with a rope, hooks, and a boat winch. He goes up the stairs once and then hauls the groceries up.
  13. Himself
    Happy bismuth birthday, Dad!