drug from the draft email and Inspired by @hillary79
  1. Red
  2. Static
    2 days away! At least when I drafted this.
  3. White
  4. A nice Fingerlakes Riesling
  5. Because I live here:
    Regionally speaking.
  6. Gewurztraminer
    It took me way too long to figure out how to spell that.
  7. Dry
  8. Wet
  9. Sangria!
  10. Chianti!
  11. Mateus Rosé
    My nine-year-old self around the Thanksgiving table at my grandmother's house. Bonus: you get to make a candleholder and drip crayons all over the outside of it when you're finished with the wine. Hic.
  12. And there's always room for a little bubbly mixed with OJ.