Biannual sibling/cousin reunion at my Dad's. Loafing, laughing, body surfing, reading, napping already in pen.
  1. Tiger Adventure
    Ok this is out. $395 pp. They have donated over a million dollars to tiger conservation. But you can PET BABY TIGERS!
  2. ✔️Murrell's Inlet
    Eat, bar hop, dance, live music. The whole time I'm searching images the thing I cannot convey is the smell of low tide, salt marsh, oysters and hush puppies.
  3. ✔️See my bro and SIL's new house
    Also in pen!
  4. ✔️Go see Wonder Woman with my nieces, sis, SILs, and everyone else who wants to go.
    May constitute obligatory "dia de las mujeres"
  5. ✔️fireworks on the beach.
  6. ✔️4th of July golf cart parade.
    Prior entry
  7. ✔️Ice cream runs
    On the golf cart with various underage drivers. Only 2 underagers left!
  8. Look for gators in the golf cart.
  9. Kayaking
    $15/hr at Murrell's
  10. Coastal Carolina tour?
  11. Turkey dinner
    Deep fried turkey catered from Hanser House. All other fixin's homemade.
  12. ✔️✔️✔️Dig in the sand. Hold back the tide against the castle.
  13. ✔️Evening at Brookgreen.
    Wednesdays and Fridays. Get there at 5:30. Zoo closes at 7. Gardens close at 9. Copper frog exhibit is gone at end of first week. We should go 5th or 7th.
  14. ✔️Rice plantation tour
    Hopseewee maybe?
  15. ✔️Rent surfboards part or all of second week.
    Call surf the earth. Did boogie boards instead. 😄
  16. Another Dia de las Mujeres idea: spa day. This we have done twice before but the group is growing!
    6 ladies. Need a good sized spa.
  17. Huntington Beach State Park
    Actual castle ruins! Great for 📷 Also beach. The nature center burned down a couple of years ago. I wonder if they rebuilt it. I saw a painted bunting there once.
  18. ✔️Trampoline park