1. Human, female
  2. Identify as human, female
  3. Because I am Christian.
    Proverbs 3:4-5
  4. In spite of the fact that I am Christian.
    We all have our days.
  5. Because my mom was(😢) an excellent hugger!
    Each of my 3 boys has their own hug style. Porcupine (this evolved from run-away). Noodle. Octopus (my fave hug)
  6. Because my Dad is a frugal engineer.
    •made a device to measure raw spaghetti portions from an empty box and a rubber band. •"no one needs more than four squares of toilet paper to get the job done."
  7. Because I got way too much sun in college.
  8. Because my sister loves me unconditionally.
  9. Because I traveled, often alone, a lot in my 20s
    Eager to do more of that
  10. Because I was born in America.
  11. Because I am the "baby". And so was my Mom.
    It's like compounding interest.
  12. Because I procrastinate.
    Like now...