1. Get two letters of reference
  2. Volunteer at shaw; learn video and editing production
  3. Pitch a show to them
  4. Create pod cast
  5. Find two local bars to host comedy nights
  6. Reach out to old friends and contacts ...who has leads? Ideas?
  7. Submit my Lafflines video to just for laughs festival
  8. Check out other comedy festivals at that time
  9. Complete my website patriciamorrison.ca
  10. Add blog, contact/booking, memoir details, Craigslist shenanigans, fb, Twitter, upcoming gigs, YouTube, clips of videos etc.
  11. Tour the island and local untapped areas to gig at
  12. Finish writing memoir
  13. Transfer writings from class into computer
  14. Find an editor
  15. Marketing ideas for Cl ...deploy them
  16. Write a weekly blog again
  17. Make a weekly YouTube video
  18. The goal is to make just $800 a month doing what you love...I'm sure that's doable!
  19. Design comedy business cards and order ...vista print
  20. Organize and keep receipts for tax purposes
  21. WRITE EVERY DAY! Memoir, jokes...spend an hour!
  22. Play more video games especially original Nintendo
  23. Write and perform more slam poetry
  24. Improv classes
  25. Writing classes in January? Or other creative classes at langara
  26. Perform stand up 5x a week or mc a few nights a week
  27. Organize a comedy show with proper host, headliner, mid liner and some 5 minute spots ...do this every other month
  28. Find a venue to host this
  29. KEEP NETWORKING!! Every situation /person is a new opportunity!
  30. Engage your audience...always! Make it a memorable experience
  31. Take your time! Don't rush
  32. Go off the cue cards! Trust yourself...riff with the audience!
  33. Read more often
  34. Attend a tony Robbins seminar in the new year??? That will break the bank but might be worth it
  35. Keep hammering away at the 3 main comedy clubs in Vancouver...comedy mix, yuk yuks, and Lafflines! Keep going on those shows!
  36. Review old videos, old audio ...look for improvements and any forgotten gems
  37. Update comedy gig list and what each show felt like!
  38. SELL video games and clothes before Xmas