Every beard tells a story...
  1. October 31st was the last time I was clean shaven. Here I am dressed as Renee Zellweger for Halloween.
  2. After that I kept it neat but with a little fuzz. Here I am with @mia in early November -
  3. I grew out a stache for about a week mid-November. Staches are always borderline hot and borderline creepy... It's a delicate balance.
  4. It's hard to maintain a stache if you're a perfectionist so I grew out a mini-beard before Christmas
  5. The mini-beard was quite popular. That's when I decided to grow out a full forced beard. The first two weeks of not shaving my neck were really itchy, but after that it was smooth sailing. (This is February when my parents came to town)
  6. The bushiest and most frightening it ever got was on my birthday. What with the outfit and the beard I look straight up Amish.
  7. And now it's slightly more succinct and in a tamer phase of life. I shave up to my Adam's apple to keep it looking more coifed, and then I trim with regular scissors.